5 Replies to “We R On Time”

  1. This was the worst business I have ever dealt with. The quality of their paint work was terrible i could of done a better Job my self. They were unprofessional and as a result of their terrible paint work the entire house had to be re painted again by another business. The other business stated “it was the worst paint job I’ve ever seen”. They are unlicensed and watered down the paint, not to mention they didnt even use the colours i asked for! they required 50% initial deposit and wen asked for deposit back they kept giving me the run around and never answered they’re phone. I am currently taking them to the consumer, trader and tenancy tribunal as not only did they provide a disgraseful paint job they also stole all of my own tools and materials and broke my blinds and curtain in all but one room of the house! When queried on the blinds and stolen materials the reply was ” oh yeah we were Going to send it all back” for which I am still waiting!! and made several promises to claim the blinds through their business insurance which I am also still waiting for! All in all I would not even recommend this business to my worst enemy! It has now been 3 months and due to all the drama, extra money spent, replacement of broken and stolen belongings, stress and frustration I will be extremely glad to never have to deal with the likes of mark and his business WE ARE ON TIME ever again!!!!!!!!_x000D__x000D_Very unsatisfied customer!!

  2. Aanother complaint against We R On Time. David contracted them for 2 projects worth a total of $6000, paid $4500 but they didn’t do the job.

  3. I recieved a quote from mark olsen from we r on time, I went ahead the work that was carried out has now damaged my walls and the flooring layedhas chips, cracks, is not connected correctly the job is just plain unprofessional. I have tried to sort this out with mark for the last 2 monthes he has given me every excuse under the sun, not picked up his phone.This company is unprofessional and should not be allowed to quote jobs, do you offer and warranty under this!!! He has left me no choice to try and take him to the tribunal, it is a long and painful experience, that I would not want anyone to have to go through,someone has to be responsible.

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