10 Replies to “Atlantic”

  1. Competative price in the industry_x000D_I am very happy with the product_x000D_I would recommend to my friends & family

  2. Worst Customer Service in the history of mankind. Have a look at this guys website and see how much of a back yard operation he actually is. Do yourself a favour pay a little extra and deal with a reliable business…

  3. The guy cancelled after quoting and accepting the job, then realised its too far, wasted everyones time.

  4. We been dealing with EverywherePrint since 2003 and place about 10-15 orders a year. The price and online service is great, customer service is ok.

  5. Absolute disaster! They turned up with a small van – said their truck had overheated – left half my things behind at the old place without telling me, and when I made them go back to collect the rest of my things they were so rough with them that they broke the feet off my new sofa. They were shockers.

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