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  1. BEWARE of these guys! They will lie and try to get away with as much as they can. They are NOT licensed despite them saying so (we found this out from Fair Trading). If you plan to use them, make sure you check that they are properly licensed. We’re currently suing them via the CTTT.

    We’d requested the services from PSG earlier this year due to a leak on our roof. We paid to have our roof restored, and replaced all gutters, downpipes and fascia. We’d also paid them to have whirlybirds installed. They never supplied and installed the whirlybirds, and everything else was not completed properly. In addition, we now have new leaks! We asked them numerous times to come and fix the issues and install the paid whirlybirds, but they never did. We even filed a complaint with Fair Trading, but Fair Trading was not able to assist us because they’re not licensed.

    So BEWARE of these guys. We would NOT recommend them!

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